Backend development  without the toil.

Put together a multi-container project in minutes, and deploy it with the press of a button. Free, fast, easy, and compatible with the tools you already use.

Beta launching early next year.

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From zero

From zero to production-ready

Drag and drop ready-to-go container templates into your project, play around and make changes quickly and easily. Get your multi-container project working in minutes, and press one button to get it all deployed to a production-ready environment.

Familiar tooling & no lock-in

Familiar tooling & no vendor lock-in

Forget “dynos” and proprietary APIs. If you're going to put time and hard work into a project, you should have the freedom to host it wherever you please for many years to come. In ContainerLab, your project is stored as a docker compose file with some light metadata — meaning you can always edit it in your favourite editor, and you're always free to leave.



Ever see a cool open source repository and think “gee, I wish I could try that out, but I don't feel like spending all that time setting it up”? Now one link to ContainerLab is all you need - we'll automatically find the compose file in the repo and spin up the environment so you can get going instantly.

Add a ContainerLabs link to your README to let people instantly run and play around with your project. No need to host a demo website.

Always live

Always live

Containers in the sandbox are always live and accessible at a hostname dedicated to your project. When you're happy, press one button to push changes to a separate (eg production) environment.


AI assisted

Tired of looking up reference docs just to configure something simple? Ask the ContainerLab AI assistant to add a database, configure OAuth, or mount a volume, and watch it get set up in real time.

Very happy flying birds

A generous free tier

Play around and run as many containers as you want for free. Found a cool project you want to run? Have an idea for a tool you want to build? Run it on ContainerLab free of charge, and never worry about paying for playing around.

When you're ready to take your project to a production-ready environment, choose from a variety of competitive paid plans that will get you the valuable features you need for your project.